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Christine Scheib

Christine Scheib at the age of 38 (2004)
Christine Scheib at the age of 49 (2015)



I have been thinking about and dealing with the preservation of beauty, aesthetics, and health from an early age.

Why? I am one of those children who grew up with older parents. My father was born in 1909 and was already 58 years old when I was born. My mother was 20 years younger. I was born in 1966. My mother was considered old for having a child.

My father was actually already a grandfather, and most of his friends and acquaintances were around the same age. Age related aches and pains, the decline of the human body, as well as illnesses and age related mood swings were part of my daily life even as a child.

My father died at the age of 69, shortly before my 12th birthday.


I started physical training very early on, including ballet and strength training, which not only stretched my muscles, but also strengthened and stabilized it, as a teenager at 17 years old. Later I added Pilates and Callanetics.

My body showed me early on that regular training would enable me to maintain a good figure, vitality, and health for the rest of my life.


During my late twenties I started to think about maintaining my face’s youthful appearance. At that time there were no well-known, effective alternatives to plastic surgery. I was not satisfied with the options and started looking for new ones. Eventually, I discovered a technique that was developed in the United States that seemed to be risk free, pain free, and very successful. I flew to the Unites States and learned the basics, which I later turned into the FACE-Method™.

Countless consultations and conversations with doctors followed, and I attended many seminars and presentations. At the same time I studied the fascial muscles and how they were connected to the muscles in the neck and body. I absorbed all available information on the subject and combined this newly acquired knowledge with my experiences in the areas of cosmetics, sport, and overall health.

I soon began to experiment with my new knowledge and further developed and combined facial exercises tailored towards me. I tested them on myself and a few volunteers. These tests taught me that it was necessary to develop an individualized training program for each face. This was the only way to achieve maximum success for each face. With each exercise and each volunteer my experience in developing these training plans, which proved to be the key to success of the FACE-Method™, increased. I persistently continued to improve exercises and training plans, until even the smallest uncertainties were removed. The result of this process, which had been going on for years, the FACE-Method™, is a training concept that is suitable for every person of any age:


  1. Development of required basic exercises
  2. Development of optional special exercises
  3. Design of a systematic development plan
  4. Development of an individually designed end program
  5. Deciding on the individual number of training sessions

My experience of over 20 years developing the FACE-Method™ lead me to the conclusion that signs of aging on the face and neck can be reduced by about 70% when the FACE-Method™ is used. I draw this conclusion based on tests on myself, countless tests with volunteers, and the application of individual training programs on clients performed by FACE trainers that had been trained by me.

Because regular FACE training continuously builds muscles, tissue, and skin, it is possible even in older age to turn back the biological clock of aging in muscles, tissue, and skin.

I continue to enjoy being able to provide and teach such a healthy and effective facial training program with the FACE-Method™.