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The FACE-Method™ for men?

Of course!

It is very common and accepted nowadays that men are allowed to take care of their appearance. The desire to have tight skin and vibrant facial features does not bypass men.

The FACE-Method™ helps men achieve a youthful, dynamic, and energetic appearance as well.

Christine Scheib has developed special exercises for the male face, which serve the rejuvenation and active shaping of the masculine facial features.

FACE building is fitness for the male face!



Example double chin – TV show SRF Puls on April 27th, 2015

The FACE-Method™ is well suited for correcting a double chin, among others. There are only three weeks of FACE training between the before/after pictures. The pictures are accurate and have not been altered.

Link: http://www.srf.ch/gesundheit/koerper/weg-mit-dem-doppelkinn-aber-wie