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What is the FACE-Method™?

The FACE-Method™ is a proven, effective deep tissue muscle training, which revitalizes, remodels, and lastingly rejuvenates every face and every neck - regardless of age, form, and firmness – through a tailored training program.

The FACE-Method™ focuses on working with individual muscle groups and counteracts the decline of skin, tissue, and facial muscles and the resulting wrinkles.

Facial muscle training with the FACE-Method™ increases the blood flow in the skin, stimulates metabolic processes, and greatly delays the aging process. Due to the continuous development of the facial muscles the skin becomes more supple and firm after only a short period of time. The skin’s ability to absorb cosmetic products increases significantly.

The FACE-Method™ does not only serve the rejuvenation of the skin, but also the development and shaping of facial features, such as the optical enlargement of the eyes, creating fuller lips, etc. The positive features of the face are highlighted, while the weaknesses are compensated for. Hard features are softened, and the face increases volume in the desired spots.

Train your face to be young and strengthen your muscles!

You can see the success of the therapy in the mirror:


  • A peaches and cream, smooth complexion
  • Lifted eye brows and eye lids
  • A relaxed and tightened forehead
  • Strong and tight cheek bones
  • A tightened neck and chin area
  • Fuller, shapelier lips
  • Much firmer, taut skin


The FACE-Method™ ensures that you can keep your face looking young and attractive today, tomorrow, and the day after.