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Training to be a FACE-trainer

Learn the FACE-Method™ straight from Christine Scheib. Christine Scheib supplies years of experience and her knowledge and will provide you with a recipe for success that will excite you.

Cosmeticians and practitioners that were trained by Christine Scheib have been successfully applying the FACE-Method™ for years.




Content to be a trainer

The emphasis of the training to become a FACE trainer is on the rejuvenation, revitalization, and maintenance of the facial structure. In addition, the FACE-Method™ is suitable for providing your clients with a more feminine or masculine appearance – of course while maintaining the client’s individuality. You will also learn what effects the FACE-Method™ can have on the client’s overall health.





Course program: FACE-trainer

  • Learn and apply the FACE-Method™ for your clients
  • Learn the anatomy and characteristics of facial and neck muscles
  • Develop a facial training program
  • Develop individual training programs for problem zones
  • Learn and apply the FACE-Method™ to symmetrically shape the face
  • Develop individual, creative facial training programs in order to emphasize or minimize certain features:
    • Optical enlargement and changing of eye position
    • Fuller, shapier lips
    • Emphasized cheek bones
    • Definition or narrowing of the contours of a broad or round face
    • Higher eye brows
    • Optical shortening or narrowing of the nose
    • Revitalization and shaping of the neck and chin area
    • Application of FACE-method to revitalize facial muscles before and after plastic surgery, such as a face or neck lift

The training is very intense and held in small groups. It is very important to Christine Scheib to provide a high level of training.

The success of her clients speaks for itself.