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Changes in muscles, skin, and tissue over the course of time

Age related muscle and connective tissue weaknesses can usually be blamed for the sagging of the skin on the face and neck. The regeneration of elastic and collagenous fibers slows down. Other influences, such as too much sun, serious illness, or psychological and social stress can age the face prematurely.

The mimic circular muscles are not attached to the bone and do not serve the movement of joints. They are embedded in the subcutaneous fat layers and move the skin. They are circular around the eyes, nose, and mouth and are therefore different from the other, skeletal muscles of the body.

Because mimic muscles lie within the skin of the face, the decline of their elasticity and the weakness of the connective tissue lead to sagging of the cheeks, eye lids, or deep wrinkles. The continuous sagging of the skin on the face and neck takes its course. Atrophy of the bone structure is another important aspect of the aging process.

The FACE-Method™ allows us to battle these factors of aging with lasting success. Weaknesses are eliminated, undesired symptoms improve or disappear entirely. Your face and your radiance are preserved in the long run.